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New Adventures

Because I’m doing the GM Diet, I’m really into smoothies. I’m on Day 3 of the diet and I’m finding that the best way to get down all those fruits and veggies is to mash them up in the blender. I’ve been doing the whole strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, and spinach thing and it’s been working … Continue reading

The GM Diet

I’ve decided to take on this diet plan. Supposedly, following the diet strictly allows one to lose anywhere from 10-17 pounds. The instructions are easy to follow, although a little weird, bananas and milk? beef and tomatoes? However, I read many reviews and people seem to have lost some weight. I haven’t come across a … Continue reading

Public relation…

Public relations is about man, its fundamental function is to enlighten, educate, emancipate, energize, empower, elevate and enrich man. It can empower an individual through the dissemination of relevant information (education). Therefore the philosophy of PR is the philosophy about human kind. It is important to know the nature of man,this will help in knowing … Continue reading